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Bridget Morris Life Coaching

Life coaching in the areas of confidence, well-being and conflict. Work with Bridget by Skype, telephone or by appointment.

Agatha Penney Coaching

Life coaching with Agatha Penney. Skype Coaching Programmes. Visit Website Description of Practice I am...

Rebecca Delgado

Life coaching with Rebecca Delgado. Face-to-face coaching in London and Skype/telephone coaching.

Aimee Teesdale

Emotionally intelligent life coaching with Aimee Teesdale. Face-to-face coaching in east or central London, and Skype coaching.

3rd September Inspiration

There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness.

2nd September Inspiration

If people refuse to look at you in a new light and they can only see you for what you were, only see you for the mistakes you’ve made, if they don’t realize that you are not your mistakes, then they have to go.

1st September Inspiration

When you have a particularly tight timetable, you may find it helpful to write down specific things you do not plan to do.

31st August Inspiration

Look over your shoulder. You will notice a constant companion. For want of a better name, call him Your-Own-Death. You can fear this visitor or use him for your personal gain. The choice is up to you.

Absolutely for You

Absolutely For You is a professional coaching service that helps people like you achieve the outcomes that you are looking for. It doesn’t matter what the challenges are, coaching can take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

30th August Inspiration

When you know there are a certain number of things to do during the day or the coming week, it is useful to give each task a priority in relation to the others.

28th August Inspiration

Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence. ~ Hal Borland