Life coaching with Dr Ceri Sims in High Wycombe

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Description of Practice

Ceri is a Certified Coaching Psychologist, Chartered Psychologist and senior lecturer and trainer in Masters Programmes in Positive Psychology and coaching courses. Her wealth of experience in Psychology and Coaching and her natural interest in supporting people in reaching their full potential make Ceri’s coaching sessions uniquely rewarding and successful. Ceri’s emphasis is on Positive Psychology techniques for enhancing wellbeing, removing anxiety, stress and depression, increasing resilience and enabling clients to reach their personal, work-related and/or relationship goals and challenges.

Please get in touch with Ceri if you are looking for an experienced coach to support you with any of the following::

  • feeling overwhelmed with life’s challenges
  • looking for a sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • need help with social anxiety: either performance anxiety or social skills
  • wanting techniques to gain a clearer focus and better organisation
  • develop self-confidence to reach important goals
  • looking to improve a relationship
  • feeling unsure about making a big life-change
  • feeling over anxious and getting panic attacks
  • problems with managing anger
  • difficult coping with stress at work or at home.

Also, there may be other issues that Ceri can help you with. If you get in touch you will be able to arrange an initial free consultation before making any decisions.