Six Week Coaching facilitates positive growth in working-age clients who have had a long period off work due to stress or illness and who want to reevaluate their career, reduce stress, rebuild their confidence and increase their happiness.

This isn’t about getting smaller, leaner or comparing yourself to others. This is about living your life in a way that leaves you feeling strong, healthy, confident and empowered.

Are you ready to unlock your true potential? At Mightify we have the tools and expertise to help you transform yourself, achieve your goals and feel healthier and happier.

Stress often has a physical impact, causing symptoms such as backache, a headace, or fatigue. The following techniques can be used to release physical tension, allowing you to relax and rediscover your inner balance.

am a qualified NLP Practitioner, accredited by and adhering to the ethics & principles of the Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am also a certified and licensed 3rd Age Renewal Coach, Meditation Teacher, Colour Therapy Coach, EFT Practitioner and hold a Diploma in Stress Management.