When we look at high achievers in any walk of life, whether business, sport or some other area, it’s tempting to dismiss their success as being just down to luck. “Some people have all the luck,” we might say, or “I wish I was that lucky!”

But the truth is, we create our own luck. What seems like a high achiever’s ‘good luck’ isn’t down to Lady fortune or even, in many cases, extraordinary talent, since for every highly successful person, there is probably one who is much less successful in the same field but much more talented. ‘Luck’ is almost always the result of years of hard work, commitment and focus.

Stuart Goldsmith notes:

[quote]Everything you are and have today is the exact summation of countless thousands of little choices and decisions you made from the day you were first consciously able to make such choices. And stating it simply, those choices were mainly between action and inaction. Or putting it another way, between action and laziness. I’m not talking big, life-changing decisions here. I’m talking about tens of thousands of day by day, minute by minute choices like “shall I get up or lie in bed for another half hour?” “Should I read another chapter of that textbook or go for a beer instead?” “Should I try a little harder to get this job right, or just turn it out in a sloppy fashion”.[/quote]

In other words, the life we have today, is the one that we have created for ourselves through countless moment by moment decisions.

But hard work by itself isn’t enough. For our efforts to take us towards success, we also need clear goals, which give us focus and direction.

If all this talk of hard work and suggestion of sacrifice sounds rather unpleasant and painful, it shouldn’t. Working hard can also be rewarding and enjoyable, as Jack Canfield explains:

“… success does not require struggle and suffering. It can be effortless, meaning that you are having fun while pursuing your goals, even when you’re working incredibly hard.

The key to unlocking effortless success lies in the goals that you choose to pursue. The more your goals are aligned with your purpose, the more fun you’ll have … and the more easily you’ll achieve the success you desire.”

Pursuing meaningful goals makes it easy to make the right decisions, moment by moment, to enjoy the journey as much as the eventual achievement.

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