by Guest Author Natalie Thomas

As we approach the New Year, It’s a good time to look at all the things we have going on in our lives, the great things and the not so great things we should’ve stopped doing in the 1990s. A New Year is a great time to start making positive changes.

Being Truly Awesome doesn’t mean having a better kitchen than your neighbours or having the good paying job in the city but dreading every single morning. In fact, being Truly Awesome is an individual thing, it is important to find out what makes you feel Awesome.

Here are a few key tips to have a great 2013.

Say Goodbye to 2012: The year has nearly finished and you didn’t achieve half of the things you wanted to achieve in 2012, the Big Lilac Wedding didn’t happen or you didn’t get your dream job in the PR Company everybody is raving about. Let it go, the thing with the past, it has gone, you are never going to get it back. You no longer have control over it, if you’ve missed an opportunity in the past, the only thing you can do is create a brand new future starting TODAY!

Dream: This is the good bit, you get to create your very own 2013, think like there is NO box, be honest and ask yourself what would you like year 2013 to be like? Is this the year to start promoting your interior design skills? If yes write a note in your journal. Is the year you would like to turn your Cup Cake hobby in to a successful business? If yes make a note in your journal. Whatever you want to accomplish in 2013, write it down, as they say “a goal not written down is just a wish” and we want 2013 to completely rock so don’t forget to write down your goal.

Take Action: Once you have written down your goals, the secret of having a great 2013 is to take ACTION. Yes my dear friend action is the key to success! Sitting down writing your goals or talking about your plans, is worthless unless you have the courage to take action. Taking action towards your big picture is a great way of making your dreams a reality. If your goal is to host business networking events:

1, Make a list of the people you would like to attend your networking event.

2, Make a few calls to find possible venues for your event.

3, Research others providers who might be offering similar events and make your event slightly different.

4, Set a date for your networking event.

5, Start promoting your networking event.

6, Enjoy your networking event and start planning the second Networking Event.

The actions above are all small but achievable actions that will help you to host a great networking event.

Have Fun: Achieving success should be enjoyable. If plan A doesn’t go according to plan, it doesn’t matter, keep smiling and make small changes. If you can keep laughing and enjoy every step of your journey it will do wonders for your confidence and will keep you feeling truly awesome throughout 2013.

Article written by Top Life Coach Natalie Thomas: I specialise in helping people to Dream Big and Take Action.
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