Not all SMARTIES come in a tube!
Guest article by Lusanna Hoddell

I can’t contain this feeling of happiness any longer I’m fit to burst! It’s 12th October 2001 and wow! I’ve just spent an exhausting afternoon on the edge of my seat and my emotions are running high. Picture this: –

It’s the 90th minute, England trail, 2 goals to 1. We need a draw to qualify – The crowds’ faces say it all, at this point they think it’s all over, I think it’s all over! I can’t believe it! Extra time and it’s the 93rd minute and a free kick has been given to us, the crowd is wound as tight as drum this is our last chance – it’s silent as if the mute button has been pressed. I hold my breath – the Ref blows his whistle, in comes Beckham, right footed, kicks the ball and launches it like a missile, over the wall and firmly into the top left hand corner of the net. Time appears to stop for a split second.

I launch myself into the air, yes! yes! I shout at the telly – “It’s like my birthday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one” I hear the commentator say. The crowd go wild the, noise is deafening, with cheers of disbelieve, happy smiling faces, everyone is hugging someone. I do a lap of honour around the settee, the final whistle blows – England is in the World Cup! YEEEEssss!

I always smile every time I think of that day. We talked about it for a long time after. Was it luck or precision football?

… Precision football at it’s best – Beckham knew he had to get that ball in the net and this was the very last chance to do it! I’m sure as he walked up to the spot his thoughts would have been about how he had practiced so many times to be ready for this moment. He could have left it to someone else, paralysed by a fear that he might miss or worry about what the papers would say if he hit it wide. He probably could have given himself numerous reasons not to and yet he chose to take responsibility and believe in himself because he wanted to reached the World Cup.

His body must have been on fire with adrenaline as he walked up to the spot. Yes, he could fail but nothing was going to stop him from giving it his all. No, he knew exactly what he had to do. Focused, believing in his capability with an enormous amount of desire and he chose to take responsibility. The perfect formula – know what you want, believe that you can, allow yourself to feel the fear then take responsibility.

Life isn’t easy. We allow ourselves to become stuck for very many reasons and the number one reason we struggle to live the life we want is fear. So many individuals go about life allowing it to just happen without a conscious thought to the choices that they have. They convince themselves that they don’t have enough time, support, money, resources, or the know how to think about what they want.

So what do you want?

As I mentioned before, life is not easy but it is what you make it and who you become as a result. Being more conscious about the way you live helps to influence your life choices in a way where you can make informed decisions that are right for you.

Read on, if you would like, and discover 7 simple actions that will help you become more conscious about living and to simply get what you want.

Be Specific – What exactly is it you want or rather have?

Make It Measurable – Break down what you want to achieve into smaller actions that will move you forward each time e.g. Say your goal was to eat a whole pizza. Would you shove the whole pizza in your mouth or would you cut it into slices?

Is it Achievable – Sense check your goal against the other demands in your life. Sometimes we are so keen that we forget take into account what might hold us back. What resources do I have/need to support me, is there something I need to give up?

Acknowledge you are Responsible – The degree that you become successful is directly proportioned to the amount of responsibility you accept for taking action – if its got to be it’ up to me!

Timed – Set a date for when you will achieve your goal, so important!

Inspirational – Visualise how life will be living the goal. What do you see/feel/hear when you have reached it?

E-cological – Consider what you will you lose or gain having achieved this goal?

Simple! Need help implementing them? Then get in touch with me and begin to live life consciously and get what you want – be a SMARTIE!

About the Author:-

As a life and relationship coach I have been the catalyst for many people making positive changes in their life and have worked with many successful individuals. These women (and men) know how to create business success and yet they have reached a point in life where success begins to feel hollow, unimportant and without meaning. Working with me they rediscover the secret to what makes them feel happy, alive and positive once more.

Be prepared, with me as your coach there will be no easy ride. Let’s face it if what you want from life was that easy to get you would have achieved this by now and not need my help. So, be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable when we work together as I am quite prepared to ask those questions others prefer to avoid. Questions that require from you more than a “yes” and “no” response, questions that require thought.

Coaching with me focuses on developing your strengths and identifying what’s driving your behaviour, whilst all along encouraging you to come up with new ways of thinking that help you to tackle old habits and Quite simply focus on finding a solution rather than the issue and feel absolutely amazing!

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