Coaching with Tiina Mokvist

Holistic Coaching – Helping women lead themselves before they lead others.

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Description of Practice

Are you tired of:

  • not getting ahead due to not believing in yourself?
  • not having enough time?
  • doing it all and not getting anywhere?
  • doubting your own capabilities even though you quite possibly are the most capable person in the room?

Then this is the place for you – holistic coaching for women who always aim to perform at the top of their game, who meet and exceed goals and manage to juggle life’s challenges expertly, who appear confident to the outside world but who on the inside are feeling stressed, lonely, like a failure and unable to say NO to everyone else’s demands.

It is time to capitalise on the good-girl syndrome instead of suffering from it. It is time to learn to value yourself for who you are, not for the things that you do. It is time for you to flourish!

I invite you to a space of calmness and trust where you are able to explore new solutions in order to move forward resourcefully while daring to make the improvements that you ultimately want – on your own terms.