Axela Rinoa

Performance Coach.

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Description of Practice

I am a founder of The Art Of Living. Personal performance coach, digital consultant, photographer, occasionally wearing a creative designer’s hat. Passionate about success, entrepreneurship and leadership. Guiding others how to improve their lives, set and reach goals to have a better life-work balance and work smarter. Believes that despite all obstacles we all can unleash our true potential and reach high. Good listener, loving personal stories. A life loving and enthusiastic promoting personal freedom.

If you need someone that will accompany you on your journey and make you stronger, then look no further. I meet a lot people coming from various walks of life. I help them overcome various challenges and some of them are:

  • waking up personal potential
  • following passion
  • developing talents
  • learning about their own values, goals and prioritising
  • finding motivation
  • maximising self discipline
  • inner energy management
  • starting a business

and many more. I love working with people and it is my personal mission to walk with you, help create positive habits and prepare people to thrive and lead very fulfilling lives.