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Description of Practice

Coaching East West was created by Olga Klimanovich to help individuals develop so that they can be more effective in living a fuller life, and as a result contribute meaningfully to their business and to the lives of those around them.

We support leaders by helping them identify their areas for growth, work on them, and learn to self-correct when facing similar challenges in the future; we continue working with clients so that they are able to self-generate when they are facing new areas for growth.

Olga’s area of special interest is helping leaders going through a period of change in an international context. Such change can be connected with moving to a new country for a new role; assuming responsibilities over a wider geographical area, which requires working with different cultures; promotion to the international HQ and having to learn to live with the intricacies of the head office culture; inheriting a diverse team; balancing personal life in the middle of the cross-cultural changes.

No coaching programme is the same, each one is co-designed together with the client, goals and outcomes are discussed and agreed upfront.
We believe in the importance of personal chemistry between the coach and the coachee – that is why we are always happy to meet for an informal chat to see how our coaching approach might work for you and to make sure that you are happy with the way we work.