Be present in your life. Be fully present in every moment.

There is a different quality to our lives when we are really being ourselves, feeling relaxed, happy, and confident. We show up in life when we know who we are and are engaged in what we are doing. We show up when we really care about something, or when we give our best effort. We don’t show up when we are overworked, distracted, resentful, jealous, or fearful of the unknown. We don’t show up when we try to look as if we are there but do just enough to get by; when we hope that nobody notices that we are not really listening or not fully participating. When we are in a frame of mind that says, This doesn’t really count, or I’m just putting in time here, we may be resisting amove into the unknown. We are putting up with something rather than seeing change as beneficial.

Carol Adrienne, When Life Changes – Or You Wish it Would.

Think about ways in which you can become more fully present in every moment of your life.