How well do you know yourself? Do you know how other people see you?

If you feel able to do so, it can be interesting to ask one or two friends how they honestly perceive you. Ask them to point out some of your strengths as well as some of your limitations.
Do they see you as warm, friendly and approachable or do you often come across as critical, cross or distant?

You might be surprised to find that other people do not see you in quite the same way as you see yourself. This is because there are often parts of ourselves that we are unaware of. We may not realise just what messages we are giving out to people through our body language, facial expression, tone of voice or attitude. By understanding more about ourselves we can discover new strengths and perspectives, and gain a clearer perspective on areas we could improveon, building our confidence and abilities.

This idea of the self is sometimes represented as a Johari square, as shown below.

As we become more self-aware, there is much less in the third and fourth sections of the square, but there is always be more to discover.