Make a list of twenty things you are tolerating in your life right now. These may be big things or quite small ‘niggles’, but they all sap your energy. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • a job you dislike
  • messy children’s bedrooms
  • a dirty fridge
  • a partner who doesn’t listen to you
  • a huge pile of ironing waiting to be done
  • a garden full of weeds
  • a room that needs painting
  • dead plants
  • friends or family who take you for granted.

Take a moment to consider what your life would be like if none of your tolerations existed. How would you benefit? Note down your first, instantaneous reaction. Now go through your list again and ask for each item: what am I getting by putting up with this? When you know life would be better if you were not tolerating this particular energy drain, ask yourself what is really stopping you from dealing with it? Get to the root of the problem and you will be able to resolve the issue.