Learn how to reduce the impact of unpleasant memories with this quick NLP technique. It works best with everyday problems of low to medium intensity.

1. Watch Movie of Problem Situation.

Begin by thinking about an everyday difficulty. For instance, a time when you were embarrassed or disappointed; a time when you didn’t feel very good about things. Pick a specific and real event from your past. Remember the event and the images and sounds it involved. Watch the movie unfold before you. When you have finished notice how you are feeling.

2. Select Theme Music.

Now select some theme music that mismatches the feelings you got from the movie you just watched. Your memory is probably serious and heavy. If so, select music that is light and bouncy. Choose music that you like.

3. Repeat Movie with Music.

When you have selected your music, have it playing nice and loud as you begin to watch your movie again. Have the music continue playing all the way through to the end.

4. Check Results.

Now, rewind that movie back to the beginning. Play it without the music and notice your response to it this time. Have your feelings changed? For many, the incident has become ludicrous or humorous. For others, their unpleasant feelings have been greatly reduced or at least neutralised. If your feelings are not yet satisfactory for you, try using different kinds of
music with your movie until you find one that works for you.