Kerry Arslan – Development Coaching, Confidence Coaching.
Dollar, Falkirk.

In-person, Skype, Google Chat, or FaceTime.

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Description of Practice

Coaching with Kerry Arslan is based in central Scotland. I am an Accredited Coach and offer Development Coaching and Confidence Coaching. Coaching Sessions can be face to face or online via Skype.

Coaching is an excellent way for anyone to create lasting change in their lives. Many self-help books or gurus offer instant solutions, to solve all your problems for you and create a magical world for you. In reality, they never work, they may work for a while but soon you will slip back into your old ways.

Coaching works differently as the focus is all on you, it is you that has to create the change needed to make a better life for yourself. You have to do the work and solve the puzzle.

My role as Coach is to champion you through this process to help you think through the puzzles and form new ideas and thoughts and help you take action to create the change you need. I certainly don’t promise miracles, but I promise to help you get on a path to positive lasting change.