New Behaviour Generator

Think about situations where you would like to behave differently. Perhaps there’s something you would like to do but don’t know how? Maybe you want to be more confident in a social setting or more motivated to go to the gym. The following technique can help.


1. Identify a behaviour you would like to have, and be clear what the outcome of having it would be for you.

2. See yourself, either in your mind’s eye or as if you are standing in front of yourself, in the future carrying out the desired behaviour as you would like to.

3. Remaining dissociated – like a movie director – make whatever changes seem necessary to the action and soundtrack, so that the ‘other’ you performs the new behaviour easily and effortlessly. Continue making adjustments to your imagined scenario until you are totally happy. Be aware as you do so of the reactions of other people to the changes you’ve made.

4. In your imagination, step into that other you and, in an associated state, experience doing the new behaviour – seeing, hearing and feeling what it’s like.

5. Carry out a check to make sure that the new behaviour fits with your values and your sense of self.

6. If anything’s not as it should be, go back to being the movie director and make whatever changes are necessary before stepping back into yourself.

7. Think of at least one future occasion when you will want to use the new behaviour, and imagine yourself performing in that situation.”

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