Distant Elephants

From far away, even elephants look small; but when you come up close, they are as large as they always are. Peter received a letter asking him to give a lecture in Edinburgh. He knew it would take two days of preparation and a couple of days to travel to Edinburgh and back. It was not a lecture he particularly wanted to give, and if he had been asked to give it within two months, he would have had no hesitation in saying no. But he was being asked to give the lecture in a year’s time. It was so far away he almost said yes without thinking, but then he remembered about distant elephants. In a year’s time it would still be four days’ work, and he would still have other priorities. This lecture was never going to be a top priority, and he would also have more important things to do with four days. Do not committ yourself to unimportant activities nomsatter how far ahead they are.

Gillian Butler and Tony Hope, Manage Your Mind