Learn to Let Go

If you feel overloaded or overwhelmed, it may be time to learn how to delegate. Whether at home or work, it can be difficult to let go, but one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones is the extra time you free up when you learn to share the load. So, learn to delegate, learn to accept help when it is offered, learn to say no.

“Most of us are very arrogant. We think there is only one way to do things – our way! When we hold onto the reins in this way, we weave a complicated web for ourselves. It would simplify life a great deal if we really did let go and let someone else – in his or her own way. This, of course, is not easy for us control freaks!

A colleague of mine who held an executive position was in a workaholic rut. Her problem was that she needed to feel that she was indispensable, and as a result, she held the reins much too tightly. Exhausting! One day she made a conscious decision to begin easing her hold on those reins. Slowly, she began delegating responsibilities she had been unnecessarily hoarding for herself. Yes, the letters that went out of the office were different from the ones she would have written. Yes, the food at the business parties would have been different from the ones she would have written. Yes, the staff would have been different if she had been doing all the hiring. And so on. But you know what? It all worked anyway!

This is a little hard to take in the beginning – that it can all work anyway, that you are not as ‘important’ as you thought you were. But the advantages are enormous. By delegating, you can focus on the real reason you were hired. By delegating, you have more time to devote to family and friends. By delegating, you have the time to create a richer life…”

Susan Jeffers, End the Struggle and Dance with Life.