Are You a Starter or a Finisher?

Ask yourself the question: am I a starter or a finisher? You probably do both to a degree, but what do you do more often? If you are a starter, you enjoy creating new projects, products and ideas that make things work better. The trouble with starters is that they aren’t very good at finishing. All those little details – that’s boring stuff for starters. Most entrepreneurs are great starters. But after they get the ball rolling they tend to leave it and go on to something new. And what they often leave in their wake is a mess. Other people are then required to clean it all up. They are called finishers. Finishers love taking projects to completion. Often they aren’t good at initiating the project (starters do that best); however, they are great at organizing what needs to be done and ensuring that the details are handled effectively.

So identify yourself. Knowing what your natural tendencies are is really helpful. If you’re a starter, you can release the guilt you have about never getting things finished. Here’s the key: Find a brilliant finisher to handle the details, and between you a lot more projects will be initiated and completed.

Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt, The Power of Focus