The Salami Technique

“A variation of starting with small goals is to us the ‘salami technique’ which gets its name because it is like slicing thin strips off a piece of sausage. You simply figure out what your goal is and then break it down into a series of smaller sub-goal. Then each sub-goal becomes a series of more realistic and achievable goals that, when achieved, equates to the original larger goal.

… In Making Money Made Simple Noel gives the example of the 10-step ladder to a million dollars. The ladder is only 10 steps and the first step is to save a mere $2000. ‘Most people’ take one look at the million dollars at the top of the ladder, decide it’s all too difficult and go back to watching television. The smart ones know you can only climb a ladder one step at a time and focus on the $2000. When they have climbed that rung they move to the next goal, which is to accumulate $4000. That is also easy because it’s only a matter of putting together another $2000, which they now know they can do.”

James Whittaker, Noel Whittaker, Beginner’s Guide to Wealth