We are all Born Confident

from Sort Out Your Life by Pete Cohen

In negative periods of our lives, it may seem as though we have ever been confident; however, the truth is that we were all born feeling great about ourselves. At a young age, we didn’t know any other way of being. We didn’t know what confidence was, or that it could be lost. We had no idea about self-esteem or what it meant to be self-conscious. We didn’t particularly care what we looked like, or what other people thought of us. We didn’t judge ourselves, and we didn’t judge anybody else. we were just at ease in our own skins.

If you find this hard to believe, just watch a child under the age of three. Look at how they act and how naturally confident they are. While they may experience a little shyness for a few minutes when they meet someone new, they soon start enjoying themselves without being self-conscious. They simply get on with what they are doing and are often oblivious to the rest of the world.