“Life offers no guarantees – just choices; no certainty – but consequences; no predictable outcomes – just the privilege of pursuit. People who succeed and fail come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, nationalities, and sexes. In the end, success is not what we achieve or accumulate, but who we become.

Life is not selective. It doesn’t pick on some people while showering others with innumerable benefits or gifts. It is a perfect example of cause and effective in the ebb and flow of life. Life is not fair. It is not unfair, either. It just is.

In the end, people who want to succeed, do. Their success, however, may not resemble their early picture of what they thought their success should look like. People who fail want to fail. Oh, they might say they want success and its trappings, but in reality they do not believe in their hearts that they deserve it or will ever achieve it. We are all magnets. We attract into our experience that which is consistent with our inner beliefs, values, expectations, and desires. ”

Tim Connor, 2005, The Basics of Success.