Life Coaching with Dineo Brittain-Dodd.

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Description of Practice

I am a personal and professional coach. I work with people who recognise that they are not doing what they are truly meant to do with their life. My clients are stuck in a place where they know that they have more to offer but have lost sight of their gifts and how to find them. My clients spend their lives going through the motions, doing what is expected of them (by others and themselves) with increasing levels of dissatisfaction and inner conflict.

They have found themselves moving further and further away from what is important to them and their real selves, until they have lost sight of who they truly are. These feelings can manifest in all areas of life but remember – how you do something is how you do everything – so when you feel disconnected in one part of your life your patterns of behaviour (and their effects ) become replicated in other areas.

My clients are looking for that missing something. Some people call this their life purpose. In Japan, the term ikigai refers to a similar concept. I simply call it our “spark”, that part that is the true essence of who we are. Sadly, this spark is all too often lost, deeply buried in a lifetime of external influences and conditioning. Work with me to re-ignite your spark. The coaching process will enable you to peel back the layers so you can rediscover who you are, at your core. Then we will create an action plan that will empower you to remain connected to your true self and your core values throughout all aspects of your life, leading to greater levels of engagement, fulfilment and a sense of knowing that you are living the life you choose, in alignment with who you really are.