Life coaching in the areas of confidence, well-being and conflict. Work with Bridget by Skype, telephone or by appointment in Harrow.

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Description of Practice

bridget-morris-life-coachWell-being coaching is for people who are stressed, needing help with work/life balance or simply want to improve their well-being to live in a more healthy and happy way. It starts with exploring your current lifestyle supporting you to make changes that reduce stress, giving you a more balanced life and helping you to organise your time so that you can spend more of it enjoying life instead of stressing about it.

​Well-being coaching covers the aspects of life that are important to you such as diet, exercise, work, relationships, money, leisure and home and helps you to discover ways to support you in these areas such as meditation, eating healthily, doing exercise that you enjoy, finding satisfying work, fulfilling relationships, a good connection with money, leisure activities that nourish you and having a comfortable home that serves you.

Conflict coaching is for when you are in conflict with another person with whom you have an on-going relationship, such as a work colleague, your boss or a friend, and you want to find ways to empower yourself and change things between you. The coaching is short term and is very practical in helping you deal with conflict. You are invited to talk about your conflict situation, then encouraged to see it from the other person’s point of view and your own part in it.
You are then asked to consider practical steps that you could take to change the situation. Role play is sometimes used to practice strategies for communicating with the other person. I support you with taking steps to make changes that are within your power and with finding ways to deal with any future conflict in a useful way, where possible unleashing the creativity in conflict.

​Confidence coaching is about empowering you to identify goals, take appropriate action towards achieving them and gain confidence along the way. I use a number of tried and tested confidence building tools to support your journey. In this way, I support you to find the blocks to your confidence and move through these towards greater empowerment and self-esteem.

For some people small steps towards gaining confidence are the way forward, others like to take great leaps, and I tailor my coaching to work with you as an individual and support you in ways that work best for you.