Online life coaching with Joanne Brownsword.

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Description of Practice

At the moment I am offering Online life coaching although I will be offering coaching via the telephone, Skype and instant messaging in the near future.

My life coaching is based on a co-active relationship which means that I am there as the client’s champion and motivator while they search for the answers within. I don’t believe people are broken and need fixing. Everybody has all the resources they need I am just there to help them access it.

Online coaching is done via emails which enables clients to consider what you want to say and the ability to refer to all the sessions anytime.

Exactly how it works will depend on the client and their goals. I will initially set up reflective exercises, and then discuss with the client their answers discovering together what their goals are and what obstacles they face. When obstacles arise, we’ll remove them together. I will be there to help them find solutions and give them the confidence to overcome them.