High-Performance Consultancy.

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Description of Practice

gordon-murphy-2PX4 is a High-Performance Consultancy has the aim of utilising all the lessons learnt whilst operating in extreme environments to bring Life Coaching and High-Performance Mentoring to those who want to take their life or business to the highest level.

Millions of people, right now, are living a life of mediocrity. They have allowed their dreams to be quashed by a ‘system’ filled with rules that are inherently unfair, unjust and out of date and whether they realise it or not, the ‘system’ has taken control of their life. You don’t have to be one of them.

You can live with that deep sense of drive and ambition you’ve always had, your true potential fulfilled. No longer do you need to be crippled by limiting beliefs that leave you feeling like your life has no meaning, no growth, and ultimately no purpose.

PX4 is community of self-aware people who know that something inside is sabotaging your natural drive towards freedom away from the tyranny of fools, of self-oppression and social controls. We are a collective who believes that you have the right to rise up against your doubts and demons and rediscover your vibrancy, joy and freedom. We believe that you have the power to design your Life Blueprint.