Life Coaching with Sara Packwood in London

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Description of Practice

London Life Coaching practice, also coaching remotely via phone or skype. Mindthechat was set up quite simply to help others. So often I see people not achieving what they should, struggling, feeling lost, battling with anxiety, I want to help both men and women.

The name mindthechat stems from how important it is to talk full stop. On the contrary, it is the negative inner ‘chatter’ that stops people achieving what they want to in life, it is a crippling blocker, so quite literally you need to ‘mindthechat’. I’ll delve into the good stuff in blogs but here is what I can do for you practically: I coach in but am not limited to:

  • Careers and CV
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Motivation and assertiveness
  • Millennial issues and the quarter life crisis
  • Anxiety, emptiness and overwhelming feelings of dissatisfaction
  • Mindset and working towards a peaceful and healthy mind.