Military Transitions, Life Coaching, Workshops and Personal Development with Nick Wilson. Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

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Description of Practice

As a Veteran of 14yrs and a Entrepreneur/Businessman of 5yrs, I have the experience and skills to fully support you and your requirements, through the Transitional, Personal Development and Life Coaching services provided.

I am a firm believer of the importance of Personal Development, Ethics, Values and Standards, I can assist you in ensuring the best possible ROI, whilst empowering you/your team and building a solid foundation for you to grow.

Wilson’s Life is a values-based business based in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, that believes in the importance of investing in Personal Development, supported by sound Ethics, Values and Standards. A combination of which, when implemented correctly, will produce a strong, professional and well-respected organisation, that will ultimately be successful. We achieve this by: Leading, Inspiring, Fulfilling and Empowering our Clients’ personal and professional lives, so that they unlock the true potential of themselves and their business.

I have experienced first-hand the value and importance of words such as: teamwork, professionalism, trust, support, values and standards, both within the military and business context. They have unified individuals, made the impossible – possible, saved lives and built multi-million-pound companies. However, these simply remain just words unless everyone in your organisation believes in them, follows them, is trained in them and benefits personally from them, then and only then, will you experience the true value that such strength and unity provides.