Online life coaching with Vita Janas.

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Description of Practice

My typical client is a person who struggles with lack of purpose, meaning, stressed lifestyle, consumerism, uncertainty and fear about the future (sounds like typical urban human, huh?). In my practice, I use various tools and methods, including but not limited to CBT, counselling, NLP, relaxation, and visualisation techniques as well as my own life experience. I create safe, positive and relaxed environments where we will solve your problems with ease.

Instead of pushing, I inspire my clients so change happens organically from a place of excitement and trust, rather than fear or threat. I use holistic approach and give unconditional positive regard.

My work is gender neutral, there is no discrimination – I welcome everyone who has the courage and willingness to work towards a desired goal. I live and work between UK and France. Sessions are via Skype/Facetime or email.