My typical client is a person who struggles with lack of purpose, meaning, stressed lifestyle, consumerism, uncertainty and fear about the future.

As an international Transition Life Coach, my work is to SUPPORT you in achieving your BEST LIFE possible. People work with a coach when they are feeling confused or stuck about work or personal issues. They know they want to make changes, but they don’t know how.

I am a dedicated online coach and therapist with particular expertise in anxiety disorders, working flexible hours with people from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Life coaching with Sue Brackstone by Skype. I help people reconnect with their true selves and give them the confidence to live in flow with their passions and beliefs. Who did you want to be before life got in the way?

With the rapid growth of my business, I have chosen to up my hours as a holistic life and business coach to serve my greater purpose of creating real change in the health and finances of hundreds of others.

London Life Coaching practice, also coaching remotely via phone or skype. Mindthechat was set up quite simply to help others. So often I see people not achieving what they should, struggling, feeling lost, battling with anxiety, I want to help both men and women.

Authentic Coaching for Personal & Career Development. I’m a London-based Life Coach with experience in working with people from all kinds of background and helping individuals grow both personally and professionally.

Six Week Coaching facilitates positive growth in working-age clients who have had a long period off work due to stress or illness and who want to reevaluate their career, reduce stress, rebuild their confidence and increase their happiness.

I am a dedicated and passionate Life & Business Management Coach based in Bromley Cross, Lancashire. My mission is to aid in the success of Mothers who wish to grow a successful online business from homeland create a beautiful work/life balance for a truly happy and fulfilled household.

I work primarily with people who want to declutter their homes after bereavement, relationship breakdown, before moving, downsizing, and so on, or just because they have too much clutter.

I have over 20 years experience of helping individuals and businesses achieve success. I work in a respectful and fun environment; my coaching style is flexible yet challenging, in order to reach your specific goals. I have worked and trained with a number of key Coaches from the Personal Development, Sports and Business world.

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