Today I’d like to talk about routine and creating an ideal day. I am a big believer in ‘Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire’. But it all starts with planning and visualising WHAT your ideal day would look like.

These simple techniques will train your mind to think on the bright side and start you on the way to developing a more positive attitude and better health.

So I’m guessing if you are still reading this now then you are unhappy with your weight. Perhaps you think you’re fat? Or you’re unhappy with how clothes fit? Perhaps even disappointed with what you see in the mirror or in photographs.

The biochemical changes caused by stress hormones age the body and brain. At times of stress, blood rushes to muscles, away from the vital organs, to prepare the body to tackle the source of stress.

Stress often has a physical impact, causing symptoms such as backache, a headace, or fatigue. The following techniques can be used to release physical tension, allowing you to relax and rediscover your inner balance.

Read on, if you would like, and discover 7 simple actions that will help you become more conscious about living and to simply get what you want.

Your belief system has a huge impact on your everyday life – from the way you react to people and situations to the way you make the smallest decision. If your behaviour is controlled by a fundamental belief you have about yourself, you will find it almost impossible to change the behaviour without first changing the belief.

Successful people leave many clues – all of which are just waiting to be picked up by the next person. In this sense, life might be seen as a dot-to-dot game with all the dots already having being identified and put into the right order by someone else.

One of the most common reasons for procrastination is that the task seems to big – there is so much involved, we feel overwhelmed, as if we can’t possibly manage it, or perhaps we just don’t know where to start.

How do you think other people see you? If you feel able to do so, you might find it helpful to ask one or two friends how they honestly perceive you. Ask them to point out some of your strengths as well as some of your limitations. Do they see you as warm, friendly and…